Be quick to listen and slow to anger
James 1:19

Challenges and life-stresses cause many different feelings. You may experience fear, anger, depression, grief, anxiety, and more.

Many of those emotions are negative, hard to deal with, and indicate something is wrong. They keep us from being able to think or speak clearly.

Developing Better Communication Skills

This program is designed to help you identify and develop the biblically-based tools needed for clear communication, and for a healthy exchange of information. You will learn to clearly express your emotions and accurately listen to the other person.

It’s important to know how to communicate your feelings, needs, and desires in healthy and constructive ways, but this doesn’t always come naturally.

In our Biblical Communication Skills training, you’ll learn the following:

  1. How to express your needs and listen to others with empathy
  2. How to gain confidence
  3. How to understand and replace negative communication with positive interaction
  4. How to improve your interpersonal and listening skills

Don’t let communication difficulties damage your relationship, and add to the stresses of life. Learn how to recognize what negative emotions reveal, and how to effectively communicate your feelings.

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