Individual and Couples

At the root of most relationship problems are communication problems. We often view situations through a certain lens, and when we can’t see the issue from our partner’s perspective there are bound to be issues.

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Communication Skills

This program is designed to help you identify and develop biblically-based tools needed for clear communication and a healthy exchange of information. It’s important to know how to communicate your feelings, needs, and desires in healthy and constructive ways. However, this doesn’t always come naturally.

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Habits and Past Hurts

A reality of life is that we will experience pain. How we choose to respond to that pain is up to us. You don’t have to be ruled by the past hurts in your life. There are biblically-based steps you can take to heal and live a more productive life today.

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Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships take time and commitment, but they’re worth it! As people, we need a connection in order to thrive. Even if you’ve never had a healthy relationship, there is hope. At Together Family Services, we’ve developed training to help you pursue and foster strong relationships. We can work on these skills together.

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