Through our Parenting Program, we help you identify critical areas where you need assistance. These include pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and life skills.

The program is a tailored approach to a typical parenting class, allowing you to grow in areas where you might be struggling. It is for anyone wanting to learn and acquire the skills and insights necessary for becoming a great parent. 

We know how challenging this time can be and want to help you learn the skills you need as you journey through parenthood. From the day you discover you’re pregnant to your first years of parenting, we’ll work closely with you. You won’t take this journey alone.

Earn While You Learn

EWYL allows you to earn points that you can use to obtain free baby supplies and clothing from our boutique, or you may choose to save them for items you may need later. More classes completed = more points earned.

We want you to succeed and we’re here to help you take those important first steps. The skills you learn will empower you to parent with confidence.

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Business Hours: Tuesday 11:00a-7:30p | Thursday 9:00a-4:00p